Introducing Artist: Theresa Wysocki Burbridge

Meet Theresa Wysocki Burbridge one of my oldest friends and an exceptional artist.
For my first two books, Theresa designed the covers. Since we were 15, it was friends from the start. We went to high school and a little bit of college together. She is one of the most talented women I know. Art, in all forms, is her passion. Not only does she love to create, but she loves to study the arts of various cultures. She has traveled to so many places all over the world. This photo is one from her travels.

Theresa is the sweetest person you will ever find. She is fun, full of knowledge and creativity, and loves to garden. You should see her yard and all the plants. As teens, we spent our days as often as possible at the beach or floating down Blue Springs, Wekiva Springs, or Rock Springs. Bob Seger and his music would bring us to our feet as we had our own concert wherever we were. I miss those days together and dreaming big.

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